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Welcome House Knoxville


Our mission at Welcome House Knoxville is to share the love of Jesus through the ministries of hospitality and friendship. We provide safe and loving homes for individuals and families in transition to permanent housing.

How You Can Help

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Welcome Team: prepare for the family's arrival
  • Shoppers: ensure the family has adequate groceries, clothing, etc
  • General Coordinator: serves as a liaison between Welcome House Knoxville and the volunteers
  • Transportation: helps solve the various transportation needs of the guests
  • Housekeeping: work to prepare Welcome House Knoxville for a new guest's arrival, to teach them about the basic western home, and to deep-clean the house between guests
  • Community Guide: assist the guests in adjusting to life in Knoxville
  • English Encouragers: spend time with our guests and be willing to have conversations with them so they can practice their English and feel welcome
  • Fundraising & Networking: this team helps organize and run fundraisers as well as network with businesses and the community to spread the word about Welcome House Knoxville.
  • Refugee Advocates: be a voice of hope and change for the community about refugee resettlement.
  • Relocation Team: aids guests in moving into more permanent housing


  • Financial Donations
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Items
  • Linens
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Food


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Cindy Hood

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