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Healthy Connections Knoxville

What Do They Do?

Healthy Connections Knoxville aims to grow a network of church and community organizations that provide effective and accessible relationship assistance to citizens of Knoxville and surrounding counties. We believe that church and community organizations can provide research-proven relationship assistance to help couples grow healthy, stable relationships.

We train clergy, community volunteers, and practitioners to provide research-based Marriage/Relationship Education (MRE) designed to strengthen the relationships of all couples.


Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a fully narrated online program that teaches couples tools to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. Pillow Talk is based on the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), an empirically informed relationship education curriculum with decades of research backing its effectiveness in improving couple relationships. Pillow Talk has helped couples around the world gain skills and strategies to protect and preserve fun and friendship in their relationship while enhancing their commitment and love for each other.

Whether you are struggling to communicate or enjoying a warm, loving relationship, Pillow Talk can help you and your partner learn the skills to have a healthier and more satisfying relationship. This program takes 8 hours to complete over 6 weeks and each couple will have virtual, bi-weekly meetings with a local coach. The cost to participate in the program is $50 per couple. To sign up, contact Mark Moreland at [email protected] or 865-450-1000 x 134. For questions, more information, or to request a scholarship, email [email protected].


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Mark Moreland

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1404 Circle Drive, Suite 310E Knoxville, TN 37996