April 8, 2021
Wade Bibb

When a birthday rolls around, we often joke in our family that “it’s my birthday week.” Of course, birth day quickly morphs into birthday week which lengthens into the week leading up to the birthday and the week following the birthday and then the outrageous claims begin!

We have just celebrated Easter and oh how we needed that celebration this year. But Easter isn’t over. For the Christian community Easter is more than just one day. It’s a fifty day period beginning at sunset on the eve of Easter and ending on the day of Pentecost. This season of Easter is sometimes called Eastertide and in other places referred to as Paschaltime or the Paschal season (after the paschal lamb sacrificed at Passover).

If ever there was a year when we need to focus on the reality of the resurrection and the hope that it brings to us, 2021 is that year. In our Sunday morning services we will explore the Psalm for each week of Eastertide as we journey toward the empowerment of Pentecost. For seven weeks we will explore the ancient songbook of Israel (Psalm 133, 4, 23, 22, 98, 47, 1), learning from them how to celebrate, how cry out for help, and how to open our lives to God’s changing presence. Join us as “Easter People” as we sing about resurrection joy, life, and hope.

Wade Bibb,

Senior Pastor

Add this playlist (created by contributors to The Rabbit Room) to your Eastertide celebrations!

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