December 1: The Weary World Rejoices

December 1, 2021
Laura Guthrie

The wise men came to worship. They started their journey not knowing where they would end up. They had to stop and ask directions. The environment and circumstances in which they would find him were irrelevant. When they saw the star, they were overjoyed (Matthew 2:10 NIV). I think they were simply excited about the opportunity that was coming; a chance to worship the King and present Him with their best—treasures, gifts, gold, sweet smells, balm.

Do I allow my worship to be hindered by my environment? I may not like the music, my children (or other people’s children) may be too loud, someone was rude to me—whatever it is.

Am I excited and anticipating with joy the opportunity to worship? Or do my thoughts fix on what to wear, will I like the service, or get anything from the sermon?

Am I ready to present my best, my treasure, my valuables?

Am I overjoyed with what I will give? Will I give my best worship because the One I am worshipping is worthy, and not because I feel comfortable with the place of worship?

Let us intentionally cast off everything that hinders our worship (Hebrews 12:1) and set aside our expectations of what others need to do or be for us to be able to worship. As the hymn sings, “Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices,” let us do the same.

So whatever circumstance or environment you may find yourself in this Christmas, join me and let’s worship the King together, with great joy!

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