3 Resources for Your Quiet Time

July 19, 2021
Rachel Cromer

I’ve tried a few different resources for my quiet time, but only a few have stuck – and I wanted to share them!

App: WordGo

What is it? WordGo is a free Bible Study app developed by the people at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). They currently have about 20 studies available, but they’re continuously publishing more! It’s a great deeper-study quiet time resource!

Why I love it: You can form a Bible Study group or complete the study on your own. It asks you how long you’d like to study each day and adjusts the study questions accordingly, and you can set a reminder to pray before your quiet time! The studies aren’t only on books of the Bible; some are on individuals (I just finished a great one on Isaac)! Each day consists of scripture, study questions, and study notes. Each week ends with a lecture.


Podcast: Pray Every Day

What is it? Pray Every Day is a podcast by Mary DeMuth. Every day, Mary posts a short audio prayer based on a passage of scripture. This is a great short & daily quiet time resource.

Why I love it: It’s super short – usually 3-6 minutes – and it’s straight from the Bible! You can pray along or just listen to the prayer. I’ve started listening when I wake up in the morning and sometimes put it on when I’m anxious during the day. Mary is currently in the Psalms, but she’s working her way through the entire Bible!


Book: Finding the Love of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation

What is it? This book by Elyse Fitzpatrick talks about how every section of the Bible (in the Old and New Testament) points to Jesus. This is a great group or individual resource to incorporate into your quiet time.

Why I love it: I started this book in a Bible Study group and haven’t finished it yet, but it’s stretching me, and I appreciate that. I don’t necessarily agree with everything she is suggesting, but Elyse encourages you to read through scripture looking for Jesus in four ways:

  1. Physical appearances (even before the New Testament – as it’s often believed that He was one of the three who appeared to Abraham and Sarah)
  2. Prophesies
  3. Examples of mediation and sacrifice
  4. Stories of redemption/creation/fall, obedience/judgement/grace, death/burial/resurrection

Bonus: Other Church Sermons

In college, I attended another church that I LOVED. I still enjoy listening to their sermons! It’s called Edgefield Church Nashville, and they upload their Sermon audio each week to Spotify and their website. I do recommend this church, but I’d like to use this point as an opportunity for you to step outside the Central “bubble” and potentially reconnect with a church you miss. Maybe you’ve also lived somewhere else and miss your home church, or maybe your children live somewhere else, and you’d like to hear their weekly messages. Don’t think you’re limited to the church you attend each week!

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