Ages: 60s, 70s | Gender: Women We meet in room 236 and are led by Melinda Jones.

Sisters by Grace

Ages: 50s, 60s | Gender: Men & Women | Teaching Style: Book Study & Discussion | Meeting: In-Person This is a group of women who love the study of the Bible. We are like a family and care very much for one another and our families and enjoy our fellowship. We...

Singles 3

Ages: 60s, 70s | Gender: Men & Women | Teaching Style: Video & Lecture This is a group for single adults, whether divorced, widowed, or never married. We are led by Marty Smith and meet in Room 339.


Ages: 60s | Gender: Men & Women | Teaching Style: Discussion | Meeting: Zoom This group is led by Scott Briggs.

Bible Survey

Ages: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s | Gender: Men & Women | Teaching Style: Lecture & Discussion | Meeting: In-Person & Zoom We study the books of the Bible in an interactive format. Our teacher, Joyce Wyatt, is an outstanding Biblical scholar. We meet in Conference...