Project Overview

Project Overview

Funding & Costs

Town Hall Q&A

The Ministry Center

Mission Statement

To communicate and engage with our community in current and future mission opportunities that may be provided for at the new Ministry Center, always focusing on Christ-Centered opportunities in support of Central Bearden’s vision.


  • Samaritan Ministry
  • KIN (Knoxville International Network)
  • Jobs Ministry
  • The BLOOM Center
  • Prayer Ministry
  • FISH Ministry
  • Community Groups

Prayer Garden


To provide a space for meditation, prayer, and private worship per the Worship Implementation & Visioning Team goals.


  • Concrete Benches
  • Prayer Stations
  • Altar
  • Gated Garden
  • Columbarium*

Outdoor Classroom


To provide a unique space for worship, groups, and a variety of other gatherings.


  • Pergola Shading
  • Concrete Benches
  • Electrical connections for media presentations

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