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Funding & costs

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Where are the funds coming from?

That’s a big price tag! Remember back in 2019 when we sold the previous Ministry Center property? At that time, a commitment was made by the church to relocate the existing ministries to a new space. The funds from that sale will be used to pay for the construction project. No funds will be borrowed. 

To the right you will find a breakdown of current funds.

Total Lease & Sale of Property funds


  • Property Sale: $1,600,000.00
  • After Fees & Taxes: $1,583,570.09
  • TAG Lease Funds: $186,245.56
  • After CDs & Money Market Investments: $1,607,721.34

Estimated Balance After Project: $443,966.90

Project Cost Breakdown

Part A: Building Additions & Renovations

Description Estimate
Office Area – Renovate and Convert for CBMC $266,127.00
Bloom Center – 232 SF Walks + Calming  Room $3,450.00
Renovate Existing Shed $0.00
Entrance Canopy $31,812.00
New West Entry, Toilets, and Storage Area $312,331.00
New Small Assembly Area  (50 People) $311,482.00
Construction Contingency $21,015.00
Subtotal Building Additions and Renovations (tax free) $946,217.00

Part B: Prayer Garden & Exterior Improvements

Description Estimate
Grading, Site Clearing, Silt Fence $25,370.00
Storm Drainage $12,550.00
Exterior Sidewalks/Pavers $41,590.00
Ornamental Fencing and Gates $29,611.00
Exterior Concrete Benches, Prayer Stations and Accessories $47,201.00
Entry Feature $56,290.00
Pergola $26,432.00
Altar $20,355.00
Irrigation System & Site Water $12,440.00
Electrical, Data, Speaker $30,000.00
Signage & Entry Bench $11,280.00
Site Lighting $36,000.00
Landscaping $45,818.00
Subtotal Prayer Garden & Building Improvements (tax free) $394,937.00


Part C: Soft Costs, Furnishings, & Miscellaneous

Description Estimate
Site Survey $1,300.00
Landscaping Design $3,661.00
Architectural Design $23,856.00
Architectural Design Discount -$5,368.00
Structural Engineering $4,200.00
Mechanical Engineering $6,700.00
Electrical Engineering $5,000.00
Miscellaneous Administrative Costs $2,500.00
Outdoor Columbarium ($12,500ea.)* $0.00
Subtotal for Soft Costs and Miscellaneous (tax free) $41,849.00

We have not sought church opinion on the need or desire for columbarium space, but know of some churches that have columbariums.  All costs associated with the columbariums would be covered by the families that would desire to use this space.    

PDF Packet

This information is available as a pdf.

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