Summary | 2021-2022 Proposed Budget

Voting September 26, 6PM in the Sanctuary. In-Person Business Meeting, no virtual/livestream option.

Detailed budget is available in PDF format at the bottom of this page.


No change in total budget. Slightly decreased funds in some accounts in order to increase funds in Supplies, Promotions, Worship Resources, & Leadership Supply accounts.

Total Budget: $80,700


$3,050 increase in Evangelism budget. Funds added to Evangelism & Outreach and Leadership Allowances accounts.

Total Evangelism: $33,600

$6,000 decrease in Communications budget. Funds removed from Marketing/Advertising and Equipment Updates accounts. Added a budget line for Design Resources.

Total Communications: $51,100


Ministry Support

$11,200 decrease in Administrative Support budget. Removed from Office Expenses, Stewardship, & IT.

Total: $126,800

$25,100 decrease in Operations budget. Removed from Utilities, Vehicle Maintenance, Lighting & Sound Equipment, and Capital Expenditures. $1,900 added to Christmas decorating.

Total: $427,900


No change in Adult budget.

Total Adult: $61,000

No change in total Youth budget. Slightly decreased funds in some accounts in order to increase funds in Hearts on Fire, The WKND, and Journey Room accounts.

Total Youth: $71,850

No change in total Children budget. Slight decrease in MOM Central in order to increase Missions Education.

Total Children: $50,250



No change in Missions budget.

Total: $425,000

$500 increase in Christian Care budget toward Bereavement/Flowers.

Total: $13,800

$5,250 decrease in ROC budget. Equipment/Uniforms, Leadership Training, Promotions, and Cable Programs accounts removed.

Total: $10,500

Personnel Ministries

$44,000 increase in total budget. Salaries & FICA tax funds increased. Insurance, retirement, and staff appreciation funds decreased.

Total: $1,697,500

Personnel Salary Adjustments Summary

  • Ministers – 4%
  • Support Staff – 4.5%
  • Hiring a Minister to College & Young Adults (Full-Time Position)

PDF Packet

This information is available as a pdf.

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