Advent at Central Bearden

About Advent

“During Advent, we not only remember when Jesus came, but prepare our hearts for Him to come again.”

Advent has always, always, been about mission.

Advent is about the mission of God, determined not to give up on creation, not to give up on humanity, not to give up on you. Advent is the incredible statement of God’s love, enfleshed as a human being, a baby, with all of the joy, frailty and pain that being human means. Advent is about grace and love with all of the power and hope that being divinity means. Advent is what we need in 2020 – Christ’s appearance among us.

It is no surprise that the mission of God has always been important to Baptists. I am particularly proud of Central Bearden’s history of supporting missions with prayer, financial resources, and volunteering to serve all over the globe. Advent indeed!

Our prayer and hope is that your Advent experience will be deepened and broadened through this prayer and devotional guide. We have invited our friends on mission with God throughout the world to share their thoughts, experiences, hopes, and dreams for this year’s Advent Guide.

As you read this guide and pray each day:
1. Ask what God is saying to you through that missionary,
2. Pray for that missionary and the kingdom work that is taking place through that ministry, and
3. Give thanks for a blessing in your life and those close to you.

2020 has been such a challenging year, but we have never been alone. Never.

Silent night, Holy night, All is calm, All is bright.

Advent Indeed!

Wade Bibb

Advent Devotional

The Deacon Prayer Team has compiled this devotional/prayer guide for this year’s Advent from the thoughts of our missionary partners around the world. View Devotional

Advent Theme Song

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