Wade Bibb, Senior Pastor

Wade Bibb has served Central Bearden since 2010, but lived in East Tennessee much longer. He is married to Melissa and they have one daughter, Emily. Wade enjoys being outdoors, hiking, working out, reading, getting lost in movies, and after teaching at universities for 16 years, he secretly desires to give an exam after every sermon to encourage active listening.

865-450-1000 ext. 102

Our Team

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Mark Groves

Associate Pastor for Worship and the Arts

865-450-1000 ext. 141

Gary Schmieder

Church Administrator

865-450-1000 ext. 108

Terry Baker

Minister of Discipleship and Connections

865-450-1000 ext. 137

Tim Earl

Minister of Engagement and Evangelism

865-450-1000 ext. 107

Mark Moreland

Minister of Pastoral Care

865-450-1000 ext. 134

Nick Campbell

Minister to Students & Families

865-450-1000 ext. 113

Carmel Hall

Minister to Children & Families

865-450-1000 ext. 130

Sara Watson

Production Director

865-450-1000 ext. 145

Debbie Reed

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for Encore, Missions, and Recreation

865-450-1000 ext. 100

Janet Coward

Receptionist Assistant

865-450-1000 ext. 100

Joan Shepherd

Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor, Pastoral Care, and Deacons

865-450-1000 ext. 102

Sharon Hogan

Administrative Assistant Worship and the Arts, Church Calendar, and Special Events

865-450-1000 ext. 128

Katie Perkins

Administrative Assistant to Faith Formations, Students, College and Young Adults

865-450-1000 ext. 109

Carly Craddock

Administrative Assistant to Children's Ministry

865-450-1000 ext. 121

Michelle Johnson

Administrative Assistant for Finance and Human Resources Director

865-450-1000 ext. 105

CeCe Campbell

Contributions and Stewardship

865-450-1000 ext. 136

Laura Lindsay

Children's Worship & Arts Coordinator

865-450-1000 ext. 119

Trey Lindsay

Instrumental Director

Pam Robertson

Church Pianist

Trey Ogle

Church Organist

Jennifer McVeigh

Preschool Weekday Director

865-450-1000 ext. 117

Emily Wright

Preschool Weekday Assistant Director

865-450-1000 ext. 118

Justin Thompson

Minister to College & Young Adults

865-450-1000 ext. 111

Sarah Groves

Communications Coordinator


Kelly Rose

Executive Pastor

865-450-1000 ext. 108

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