Business Meeting

Business Meeting

On July 25, at the close of the morning worship service, a called business meeting will convene to consider and vote on the recommendation from the Personnel Committee to make the position of “Minister to College and Young Adults” a full-time position rather than a part-time position. Voting will be in-person only.


Our April 18 Quarterly Business Meeting approved the motion to create a search committee for a part-time college & young adult minister. The Search Committee has recommended the position be made full-time, and the personnel committee has approved this recommendation. Committee Members on the Search Committee are:

  • Finance Committee: Brett Meyers
  • Deacon: Heather Whaley
  • Personnel Committee: Dustin Millaway
  • College Student: Emily Keeling
  • College Parent: Stephanie Crichton
  • Young Adult: Danielle Yahr
  • Member at Large: Beth Anderson


The decision has been made to discontinue online voting at business meetings. All votes must be cast in-person during the meeting.

The event is finished.