Job Opening

Executive Pastor

Job Description

The role of the Executive Pastor is to provide leadership, under the supervision of the Senior Pastor, to ensure the most effective ministry possible in alignment with the vision, mission and ministry practices of Central Baptist Church of Bearden.

Leadership and Staff Supervision

Supervise the daily operations of the ministerial staff through coordination, collaboration and problem solving. This will include the direct supervision of all pastors and ministers in addition to the general oversight of the Ministry Support Team to ensure unity and effectiveness in the accomplishment of the vision and mission of Central Bearden.

  • Serve as the Senior Pastor’s liaison with the Deacon Ministry and with church committees, councils and teams as requested by the Senior Pastor to provide assistance and guidance for the successful fulfillment of their ministry assignments.

  • Cooperate with other ministerial staff members in providing pastoral care and worship leadership on an ongoing basis.

  • Work with the Senior Pastor, staff and congregation in support of the Core Value Statement adopted by the church.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

  • Requirements

    Applicants should have at least 5 years of relevant full-time experience.
    Relevant experience in church, non-profit or business administration and/or seminary degree preferred.


    Human Resources
    Provides leadership working with the Senior Pastor and Personnel Committee concerning personnel policies, staff development and management that will promote continued integrity and excellence in the workplace. Duties include coordination of staff evaluation policies, review of wage and benefit programs and maintenance of all personnel records with the assurance that they will be updated and kept confidential.

    Budget and Finance
    Provides leadership working with the Finance and Development Committee in the planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating of all financial functions of the church. Duties include supervision for
    purchasing, accounting, bookkeeping, financial operations, auditing,and payroll. Duties also include administration of all church insurance programs (personnel and property) and coordination of the church's program of Christian stewardship.

    Facilities and Property
    Provides leadership supervising church housekeeping and building and grounds maintenance working through the Building Supervisor and the Properties Committee. This includes the daily duties of custodial and housekeeping employees and policies concerning use of church facilities, coordinating the landscaping and grounds care, working with appropriate committees on church property acquisition, construction, and renovation programs. Duties also include insuring that all capital equipment is properly inventoried and maintained.

    Computer Operations and Technology
    Provides leadership overseeing and managing the church computer systems to provide storage, retrieval and use of information in a manner to enhance the operation and management of the church. This includes the acquisition, maintenance, and operation of all computers, online systems and technology, etc.



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