Job Opening

Administrative Assistant

Job Description

The Children & Families Administrative Assistant assists the Children’s Minister as a support staff member in preschool and children’s ministries.

Direct Report

Minister to Children & Families


Strong interpersonal skills
Computer skills (including but not limited to Word, Excel, Desktop Publishing)
Organizational skills
Communication skills


1. Provide support service in a professional manner, maintaining confidentiality.
2. Organize, prepare and keep accurate computer, financial, calendar, data base, attendance (including prospects and non-attenders), and paper records for all Preschool and Children’s ministries activities and participants.
3. Prepare parent consent and liability release forms for activities and trips and assist with arrangements for transportation and drivers.
Initiate and respond to phone, email, and other queries of communication that do not require the attention of the Minister with Families and Children and see that she is advised of all queries and communications that do require her attention.
4. Weekly and monthly, prepare and distribute Sunday School, Mission education, and other materials for Preschool and Children’s Ministries.
5. Prepare and post correspondence using standard, digital and electronic methods.
6. Assist in maintaining and creating all preschool and children’s ministry hallway bulletin boards, promotional materials, Constant Contact, and MailChimp emails, establish and monitor CBB Connect, and First Look & 252 Basics curricula communications in addition to posting needed social media updates.
7. Maintain office supplies, place and track supply orders as requested.
8. Keep up to date on Child Protection training and regulations, and be able to teach as needed at the request of the Children and Families Minister.
9. Maintain Child Protection background check, training and application records on all staff and volunteers with children birth through age eighteen church wide, for all Ministries.
a. receive completed applications
b. initiate background check and track results
c. direct background check results to the Church Administrator
d. update child protection spreadsheet and provide results to staff ministers and
directors on request
10. Turn on Checkpoint stations for Music & Missions on Wednesday afternoons, and on Sunday mornings for Worship Care and Sunday School as needed
11. Prepare, compose, and distribute Preschool and Elementary curriculum on a monthly basis and confirm all supplies needed are acquired and prepared in advance.
12. Keep Sunday Bible Study Curriculum baskets up to date and fully stocked in each classroom for preschool and children’s rooms.
13. Maintain Preschool and Children’s Calendars both in house for Children’s publication and church wide on the ACS Facilities Scheduler program.
14. Coordinate publicity via communications director with outside sources for various events such as VBS.
15. Coordinate ceremonies and pertinent Child Dedication packets and certificates. Confirm newborns are entered into ACS with their family.
16. Perform Church Receptionist duties as assigned by Church Administrator (If continues to rotate through the admin pool)
17. Help with Preschool Welcome Desk on Sunday Mornings during Worship and occasionally Sunday Bible Study hours.
18. Confirm all website information for Children’s Ministry is up to date – correspond with Central’s Director of Media and Communications when necessary to update information.
19. Update ACS data as needed and schedule facility use via Facility Scheduler
20. Help the Minister of Children and Families recruit volunteers for preschool and children’s areas.
21. Make sure the volunteer schedules are up to date and adequate coverage is provided in all preschool and children’s classrooms.
22. Other duties as assigned by the Minister of Children and Families.
23. Help cast future ministry ideas and goals to connect with our community and each other.
24. Recruit and train paid childcare workers.
25. Supervise Childcare Workers for regular programs and special events.
26. Plan and provide paid childcare workers training workshops as needed.
27. Maintain Childcare employee’s timesheets, policies, and guidelines.
28. Schedule childcare workers for Sunday and Wednesdays regular programs and any special events (i.e. Parent’s Night Out).
29. Create and develop children’s activities and schedules for use during regular childcare hours (Sunday / Wednesday) and any special events or programs.
30. Childcare Coordinator works under the guidance and oversight of the Children and Families Minister.



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