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Distinguished Professionals Education Institute


The Distinguished Professionals Education Institute is designed to address the growing need for course matter experts with expertise in math, science, foreign languages, and other areas of current shortage. Professional scientists, linguists and mathematicians holding alternative licenses issued by the state will teach on a "course by course" basis in hard-to-staff and critical shortage areas. Distinguished Professionals Education Institute will mesh teacher education, mentoring, induction, and professional development to enable schools and districts to leverage resources of personnel, equipment, and dollars.


  • Bachelor or Master's degree with 24 semester hours in the teaching field or a related field
  • 10 years of work experience in the field to be taught
  • 50 contact hours of pre-service preparation incorporating the knowledge and skills specified in the Professional Education Licensure Standards and focusing on the domains in the Framework for Evaluation and Professional Growth
  • Licensure available in specific subject areas and courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and foreign language


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