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Alliance for Better Nonprofits

Alliance for Better Non-Profits


ABN connects their member organizations to nonprofit peers, leaders, and experts, as well as to the foundations, philanthropists, agencies and university partners committed to making the community stronger through better nonprofits. The ABN is a membership-based organization that serves nonprofits in 25 East Tennessee counties by helping them achieve their missions. ABN has a relational approach of assisting nonprofits by providing the tools they need to increase their capacity and their impact.

How to Help

There is a large list of member organizsations that have been improved by ABN. Many other ministries and agencies could benefit from the programs available to non-profit organizations. Currently, there are now scholarships availalbe for ABN training. If your favorite Central Bearden agency or ministry could benefit from ABN training, sponsor a scholarship. As funding is available, ABN is happy to offer special scholarship rates to organizations in need.


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Jerry Askew

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The Regas Building, 318 N. Gay Street, Suite 203, Knoxville, TN 37917